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SEO content writer dispels a few myths 

A word about writing online content: ‘search engine optimisation’ – or simply ‘SEO’ – is the hot topic on everyone’s lips.  Carry out a keyword search, identify your relevant keywords, stuff them into your content and away you go.  Simple.  Or is it?


istock_000006853057xsmall-dispelling-myths1Yes, search engine optimisation plays an important  role in getting your website listed higher up in the search engine rankings – but only if you really know what you’re doing and have the time and resources to do it properly. 

How to make your website irresistible

If you’re hell bent on getting your Google ranking up, you’ll have to do an awful lot more behind the scenes than flood your content with keywords and hope for the best.  Over-use of keywords will simply give you unimaginative and hackneyed copy that will send your readers to sleep – or, worse still, to your competitor’s website.

Fortunately, that’s where I can assist.  As well as helping you research and identify the most relevant keywords and advising on correct placement and density, I can write supporting articles, blogs and newsfeeds that will help keep your website consistently in the top search rankings. 

Add this to dynamic and persuasive web content that captures the interest and imagination of your target audience and your conversion rates will soar.  And that means you won’t have to recount sad stories about ‘the one that got away’.