Legal copywriter

A legal copywriter who really understands your business

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional legal copywriter in the UK, I have a confession to make:  I practised as a commercial solicitor for 8 years (both in private practice and in industry) before deciding that – for me – there was more to life.  (If you’re interested to know why, see my blog post, Authentic Writer.)

And so, although I may have changed profession, thrown away the pin-stripe suits and resigned myself to a rather more meagre existence, devoid of Starbucks coffee and fancy Pret-a-Manger sandwiches, I do have valuable insider knowledge of how law firms work and their specific business needs and demands.  And I have even more valuable outsider knowledge of what really interests clients and prospective clients seeking legal advice.

 Even law firms must embrace the digital era

Despite the fact that I know of some partners who still dictate letters and faxes to their secretaries (seriously), generally the legal profession has finally come to terms with the digital age.  However, in my experience, most firms are still not as ‘progressive’ as they like to make out.  In particular, as far as websites go, there is a disappointing trend towards self-promotion and self-congratulation rather than any real attempt to address the needs and concerns of specific groups of clients.   Let’s be honest, if I need to use a law firm, I expect the lawyers to be good at what they do.  So tell me something new.  

And that’s where I can help.  I can take an objective view of your business and help you establish an online content strategy that will build trust and rapport with both existing and prospective clients.  A strategy that will establish you as thought-leaders within your field of expertise.  And, above all, a strategy that will provide your target audience with the information they are looking for, rather than the information that you think they want to hear.

Now, if that sounds like a promising deal to you, I’m ready to negotiate on costs.