About me…

No ordinary writer

No ordinary writerMy name is Kate Truman and I’m a member of the Institute of Copywriters based in the UK.  My writing is creative, engaging and compelling and sometimes (where appropriate) a little quirky.

As you’ll see below, I took a non-conventional route into writing, so if you want someone who can give you a track record of working for a big advertising agency, you’ll find hundreds of suitable candidates elsewhere.  But if you want an authentic writer – with natural talent and genuine passion – step this way.

I love words – their sounds and patterns and rhythms – and their power to connect with and influence the reader.  And it shows, both in my writing and my increasing numbers of satisfied clients.

A dishonest past life

istock_000007320537xsmall-sharkfinI originally qulified as a lawyer and worked for several years both in private practice and in industry.  What’s dishonest about that, you might think?  Well, it took me 8 years to realise that I wasn’t being true to myself; that this really wasn’t my purpose in life.

Nevertheless, I did learn many skills as a lawyer that now help me as a writer: I understand the importance of clarity and structure; attention to detail and the power of persuasion are second nature to me; and I appreciate the need for creative, responsive and commercially viable solutions.

But I also know that, for me, writing is far more rewarding than law.  I have never felt more motivated, focused and energised.  And as a writer I concentrate on bringing out the positive aspects of my clients’ businesses.

In short, my work is fun!