Children’s Stories

Children’s Stories

A dream come true

istock_000007278224xsmall-children1I’ve always had an ambition to write a children’s story.  Who hasn’t?  But in my case it was an ambition that intensified with the arrival of two children of my own and eventually crystallised on a visit to a local farm shop, Taverner’s Farm in Kennford, near Exeter.

The Taverners are the only farmers in the UK breeding South Devon pedigree cattle for their milk, which they use to make their own, delicious, organic ice-cream.  And because the South Devon cows are rather unusual looking – large, with long noses, big ears and rusty-coloured coats – they are affectionately known as ‘orange elephants’.

‘The Tale of the Orange Elephant Cows’

The Taverner’s ‘Orange Elephant’ brand is quirky and unique and was just crying out for its own children’s story.  And so I flexed my creative muscles and, completely unsolicited, spent many hours writing and drawing and painting my own illustrations for my first children’s book, ‘The Tale of the Orange Elephant Cows’, which I then sent to Rob and Helen Taverner.

Udder hopping

Udder hopping

My proposal was that they use the story as a unique marketing tool but I figured they wouldn’t say ‘yes’ unless they had the story in front of them and liked it.

A published author

Fortunately for me, the gamble paid off: they loved the idea and the book is now sold from Taverner’s Farm, and from their website, I have also been involved with helping Rob and Helen produce a range of promotional greetings cards and bookmarks, with the potential for additional merchandise in the future.  It’s all exciting stuff.

And since word has got out that I write children’s stories, I’ve had one or two other enquiries about writing children’s books to promote brand awareness too.  So watch this space…


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